I have long held a big grudge against the popular religions of todays societies. Especially monotheistic religions because they are the most narrow minded, blinkered types. In this essay I am talking in the main of monotheistic religions, not polytheistic or atheist.
For me, talk of religion and religious activities incites visions of war, discrimination, hatred, inhumanity, suffering and death.
The amount of atrocities that have been and are continuing to be carried out in the name of 'God' are unforgivable, inexcusable and completely hypocritical. The reason I make this statement is because a lot of the religions behind this behaviour recognise their God as a kind, life-giving entity.
A lot of activities carried out by religious organisations and religious communities are hypocritical.

Consider this statement, "In our religion, it is not permissible for any non-Muslim to stay in our country." This was made by Osama bin Laden in March 1997. What an apalling picture to paint of a religion. What is the purpose of this religion and this attitude and what does it hope to achieve?
It's not just restricted to the one religion though, if you look hard enough you will find this same sentiment echoed throughout all the present day religions. I don't need to go into details. The evidence is not hard to find.

I believe in peace.
I'm not necessarily an atheist or an agnostic.
I believe I can gain more in life from my fellow man than a deity that may not exist.
I have seen no evidence for the existance of a God. And I HAVE searched.
Blind faith will not give you immortality and eternal sanctity.
Shrug off all fears of death for it is this fear that is the basis of your very beliefs.

Question your faith. If it is a true one it will reward you with answers.
Do you really need your God?
Are you a strong enough individual to be able to rely on yourself and take responsibilities for your own actions?

Islam is a monotheistic religion centered on the belief that the Human Species were created with the sole purpose of worshipping Allah, the Islamic supreme God. A Muslim must always seek to worship the creator, and not the creation, therefore worshipping Allah, and not the material world. This abstraction is seen as good, whereas the worship of material things is the utmost evil.
(Taken from here).
Worship - To worship is also to have a strong feeling of respect and admiration for people or objects, often without being aware of their faults.
A human is a material thing and therefore following another must be considered as evil as it constitutes worship. Therefore in the Islamic religion the people cannot have leaders, religious or otherwise, yet they do. Some might say that even allowing yourself to exist, be clothed, eat, exercise, look after your body; is a form of self-worship. Therefore the people of Islam cannot exist as their very existance is a blasphemy to their religion.

This will be added to, the tedium of dealing with religion catches up on one so quickly, I will update this essay when I can. In the mean time go here.