WE ARE SURROUNDED BY JUDGES. Sometimes the world strikes me as being like a huge courtroom. Everyone is judging you, your character, your lifestyle and your past - albeit their interpretation or dramatisation of it.
If someone does not know your past, they feel threatened by you for they feel they do not know you. You are a stranger, so even at first meeting they have already constructed a past for you that suits them. This may be because of hearsay, your image, your actions.
'Thankyou your honour.'
This is dangerous, and if this acquaintance becomes more than another irrelevant pawn in your life then beware, for they will build on the biography that they have written for you. Use words and recall experiences with caution, for rest assured, they will be bastardised and rewritten to fit appropriate situations beneficial only to your associate. You will end up defending and denying a past that was never yours.
Remember though, no matter how un-credable this person is, people always seem to believe their story.
People always believe tales told about others, it is the child in our mind that is taught from an early age to believe the myths and stories of centuries and people gone by; the Jesus myth, for example. We are also a soap opera generation and need the spice of a scandalous life to make our own appear more than the mundane existence it is.
People love gossip - especially controversial and scandalous gossip. It's the society that we're in - the media creates us in this form.
People crave power.
A piece of knowledge (be it fact or fiction) known to one and not to another is perceived as power. But this power is useless if it is forgotten and left to die, therefore, the bearer of this knowledge will keep it alive by selectively distributing it.
By passing this information to another they are saying 'I have this knowledge/power over this person, do you wish to share in this power? and become my partner?' The recipient, of course, will say 'yes!' And both will be happy, for one has just gained the brief undivided attention of another and one has just gained some power.
Those who cannot keep a secret are weak minded and insecure.
Those who believe false secrets are mentally 'below-par.'

Do not share your past freely.
Your soul-mate is the only one who will truly understand what experiences you may or may not have had, and they will not judge.
However, most people seem to never find their soul-mate or recognise them as such when they have, so be cautious.

Be prepared for judgment day - every day.
Suffer fools poorly, but judge a fool wisely, for you yourself are a judge. Act like you are qualified to be one.
A fool is not always a fool and 'a fool who knows he is a fool is a very wise man' - LaVey.
Label one a friend carefully - it takes many years to discover who is the friend or ally and who is the mere acquaintance or enemy.
The worst type of 'friend' is one that will judge you but because of the 'friendship' towards you, they kindly won't judge you to your face. This type of 'friend' is the worst because they usually think they are a true friend to you.

People will always talk behind your back - as you will too. But do not about friends and remember, friends do not about you.

'Judge not lest thee be judged thyself.'